Neway Manufactures Trendy Cotton, Polyester and Non-Woven Bags

China, January 13, 2014: Bags have been the favourite goods carrier for humans since ancient ages. They are the most useful and efficient storing and carrying items that have ever been invented in history. Of course, their shapes and sizes have been modified with time but the fundamental design is the same even today. The top demand in utility products in 21st century has been efficiency as well as style and companies like Neway made bags reflect the same too. Be it any kind of woven or non-woven bag, the style and quality ensured by Neway meet expectation of customers.

Neway is a Chinese enterprise engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting promotional bags, shopping bags, eco-friendly bags and other kinds. The company is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of several renowned global brands. The clientele of Neway includes Balu, Crocodile, Mango, Disney and names of similar stature. Its production setup is efficient to produce cotton bag, cooler bag, OPP film bag and polyester bag apart from regular and laser nonwoven bag. The company accepts custom-design orders and supplies free model to clients and prospective customers for approval. Designing and manufacturing at the company fits within target-price whenever imposed by customers.

A strong business team co-ordinates the production and supply chain. The talented group of Neway employees manufacture from cotton bag to OPP film bag with equal finesse. The names of clients are evidence of the quality and standard of bags that are manufactured by the company. The quality control department of the company is in accordance with customer requirements and specifications. Thus, desired features are ensured almost every time the company supplies ordered lots. The monthly production-capacity of the factory is 800,000 units, where around 60% of which are imported by America, Australia, Japan and Spain. The punctuality and customer satisfaction-score of the company is 95%, which is the result of continuous improvement in work.

Neway has manufactured 45 varieties under nonwoven bag category, 38 varieties under cotton bag category and 19 varieties under polyester bag. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Coredraw are the standard software that designers at Neway use to design bags. Availability of proof at hand is not an issue at the Chinese manufacturing enterprise. It accepts all orders and saves them as proofs for future reference. The work by the designing team ensures that right design enters production-line every time. Efficient co-ordination is what the company extends to provide for delivering within the deadline while the supply-chain is responsible for timely delivery of the manufactured lots. Quality, design and finish of all products manufactured by Neway are in accordance with customer-specifications.

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Neway is a production and trade-oriented Chinese enterprise engaged in manufacturing and exporting of shopping bags, promotional bags and eco-friendly bags. Its vast factory, that spans more than 16 kmĀ², is situated in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It employs 131 workers and is the OEM for Balu, Crocodile, Disney, Mango, etc.