Whistling while you work is good but walking is even better

Trading a treadmill for your chair can increase your health and your productivity, according to two University of the Midwest researchers. 

Mary Moffit and James Jorgenson, both associate professors in the Wilson School of Management, studied forty employees at a Pine City financial services company whose desks and chairs were replaced by Lifestyle Fitness treadmill desks.  Over twelve months the researchers measured how many calories the employees burned and how much work they did.  The findings were partly expected and partly surprising.

"At the end of the study, these people were a little slimmer and a little fitter.  That was great, but hardly surprising.  We didn't expect to find that they got more done than their desk-bound colleagues and were perceived by their supervisors as more productive,"  said Moffit.  "This gives companies firm evidence that investing in a healthy environment for their employees can pay off in many ways."

The study, which appears in the Spring 2014 issue of Environmental Health,  outlines the . . . ..   (CONTINUE WITH MORE INFO ON THE STUDY)


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