Kennel cough is an airborne virus that is transmitted much the same way human colds are transmitted. Just as humans are more likely to get a cold while traveling on a plane or in an enclosed space, dogs are more likely to contract kennel couch in an environment where other dogs are present.

Contagious dogs do not always show symptoms making it difficult to isolate. Your dog can contract Kennel Cough from your veterinarian's office, the dog park or just saying hi to another dog. Dogs can start coughing 3-7 days after the initial exposure. Life threatening cases are extremely rare and the vast majority will recover on their own with no medication. If treated it is often antibiotics and cough medicine.

Vaccinating your dog prior to kenneling is the best way to prevent this. There are a combinations of organisms associated with kennel cough. Some dogs regardless of being vaccinated contract it anyway, due to the type of strain going around.

What do we do to prevent Kennel Cough?

  • We clean and sanitize the kennels daily.
  • We wash and sanitize the dishes and buckets daily.
  • We disinfect with bleach products that kills the kennel cough organism.
  • We require all dogs to be current on their Rabies, Bordetella, and DHAPP vaccinations. 
  • We are diligent cleaning and disinfecting all inside and outside areas.
  • We separate and quarantine any dogs showing signs or symptoms of kennel cough.
  • We work very hard to protect and care for all of our customer's family members as we would our own. 
  • We strive to offer a great experience for all of our guests, in doing so they have more interaction with other dogs. We provide an atmosphere where the dogs play as though they are in a dog park. It is important to our mission to make sure our customers, your family members, are having fun while their owners are away. 

If you would like more information on Kennel Cough, you can contact us at 307-251-7784, or ask your veterinarian. We work hard to stay informed of any issues that may affect your pets.