A love story and garage doors; 34 years married and 37 years in business

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Chuck and Cynthia Parmely met in 1981, when Cynthia began work as a bookkeeper for Chuck’s dad who owned the distributorship before Chuck and Cynthia took it over 1998. The two were married just six months later on April 3, 1982 and will be spending their 34th wedding anniversary at Overhead Door’s 95th National Ribbon Distributor Meeting!
Chuck has been in the garage door business since he was 10 years old, spending the past 37 years with Overhead Door Company of Riverton/Lander, “I was born into this business and I love the job,” said Chuck.
Chuck and Cynthia’s daughter, Ashley, followed in her family’s footsteps. This year will mark her tenth year with Overhead Door! “Even though we aren’t all related, it’s like we are all family here," said Ashley. "We joke around with each other and the atmosphere is always light, fun and carefree."
​​Some of their favorite memories revolve around the family bond with the entire distributorship. Chuck remembers an unexpected gift, the metal art with the Overhead Door logo, that meant a lot to him and Cynthia. The art was given to the couple by the employees at a company Christmas party a few years ago.
This incredible bond has transformed the distributorship from a one-man shop to a 16-person/family business that has thrived for the past 37 years.
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