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Texas - AOOD Tech specializes in slip ring and slip ring assemblies of all kinds that are suitable across all kinds of equipment used in different industries. For example, the compact capsule slip rings. These are designed in a compact manner and are adept at handling any and all kinds of signals. They are perfect for use when mounting space is limited and/or critical, and there is no question of foregoing handling capability. A great feature is that these can be made waterproof as well.

Then there are high definition video slip rings, also manufactured by AOOD Tech. These are mainly used in combination with other data and analog connections and are widely used in motion control, HD video security, etc. Similar to this is Ethernet slip rings. They are also used mainly in slip ring assembly combination and feature low electrical noise. The uses are same as that of high definition video slip rings, including CCTV surveillance and pan/tilt video camera heads.

AOOD also manufactures through bore slip rings, which require continuous rotating to ensure constant transmission of power, signal and data. These slip rings are ideal for machinery used in packaging and wrapping, robotics and industrial machinery. Close on the heels of this is miniature through bore slip rings, which is used where extremely superior performance is required in terms of signal handling in limited mounting space, such as in medical equipments.

Another slip ring that is manufactured at AOOD is the platter separate slip rings, which are also called pancake slip rings. It has a cost advantage over other types of slip rings. These are widely used in test equipments.

There are many other types of slip rings available at AOOD, like the high speed slip rings, wind energy slip rings, fiber optic hybrid slip rings and many more. With local manufacturing and equipments, which ensure low production cost and therefore low buying cost for buyers, AOOD is certainly at the top of the list.

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About AOOD Tech:

AOOD TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is a leading manufacturer of slip rings and was founded in the year 2000. The factory is located in Shenzhen of China which is a very important high-tech R&D and manufacture base in China. With locally developed machinery industry and economic materials to reduce operation cost and thereby provide customers with cost effective and reliable slip ring units, AOOD is highly popular.

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