Airwheel S5 standing up electric scooter, in a SUV Style

Airwheel S5 is specially designed in the robust SUV style, totally different from the S3, first model in S series released in 2014. S5 has successfully outperforms other S-series models and surpasses the public expectations. The new member S5 intelligent electric scooter strengthens the family of S-series and displays the diversity in scooter design. On the one hand, the two-wheeled design is considered as unique and humanized. On the other hand, the two-wheeled structure is considered as impeccable and unsurpassable. In spite of its stylish design, S-series is sturdy and durable. It is recognized as unsurpassable series in the design of scooter.

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The design of Airwheel S5 combines the stylish element of S3 with some new advances and refinements. Therefore, S5 self-balancing 2 wheels scooter is actually an upgraded model of S3. Airwheel S5 shares similar stylish elements of S3, being sleek, contoured as well as dashing. However, S5 differentiates itself from S3 in many aspects. S5 is featured by improved and upgraded performances.

Airwheel S5 is specially equipped with 16-in jumbo tyres. The premium tyre quality enables S5 to conquer any terrains. Airwheel S5 double-wheels electric scooter is capable of negotiating rugged terrain or going down the steps easily. Airwheel S5 has outstanding battery performance, employing 520W lithium battery with larger and lasting power capacity and longer range than S3.

With S5 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter, riders are totally relieved from the anxiety of electricity blackout halfway. It has become possible for riders to ride S5 for long-distance travels. Moreover, S5 also achieves brilliance in saving storage space due to its shaft and foldable design. The upgraded performances of S5 makes long-distance trips easy and carefree.

In 2016, even though the Airwheel S8 and S9 two wheel saddle-equipped scooters have been rolled out, the Airwheel S5 2 wheel electric scooter still captures the hearts of those who cotton on to the outdoor explorations.

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