keyboard_arrow_up Rolled out Perspective Tables for Gamblers Playing with Non-Marked Deck of Cards

China -, a leading ecommerce store that sells all sorts of marked poker cards, recently announced the launch of a little-known and unusual poker cheating device, the perspective tables. The manufacturers claimed that the people using non marked cards can extremely benefit from the perspective tables. They underscored that the magical tables are suitable for those who play poker games with non marked deck of cards .

“The perspective table can be highly beneficial for someone who is trying to see the poker cards of his opponents. Poker players can easily win victories with non marked cards provided they are using the magic table. The table looks just like an ordinary table, but including a little camera lens integrated into the table plate. The laser camera can send live images as feed to the partner of the player sitting in another room and he can easily relay the card points and hold cards to the player through a small earphone which the player need to wear. This way, the player can easily know the game result and many other things from his partner sitting in another room”, elucidated a sales officer.

The sales officer also claimed that this magic table apply to all sorts of non marked deck of cards. According to the explanation, any table cloth can be used to hide the laser camera lens completely and makes all the cheating easier.

At present, supplies perspective tables not only for different poker games such as Texas holdem, Baccarat, Blackjack but also offers custom-made poker tables to the gamers around the world.

“Our objective is to make these magic tables popular among mainstream poker players and professionals, though these tables have already made progress in the world of amateur poker playing”, said the CEO of, the trading website of Guangzhou Marked Playing Cards Trading Co., the China based manufacturer of poker cheating devices. “It is highly likely that we will add more varieties to our product line in the next few months, but we want to test the market acceptance for the already launched products before we move ahead”, he added.

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