One Stop Business Net launches new pay per click tax questions service

Great and economical service for individuals with tax queries

One Stop Business Net has launched a new online service which empowers individuals to get their questions pertaining to Sales Tax, Franchise Tax, Hotel Tax, Federal Tax, State tax, Local tax, business tax and so answered by top notch experts. Says Monica Barger the ---- of the company, “We have over twenty years of experience in the entire gamut of taxation matters and we cater to both the business and nonprofit enterprises.”

This service will be of use to a lot of people and institutions, including Non-Profits, For Profits, Corporations, LLC, LLP, S Corporations, Ministries, Churches, 501 C3,individual tax, corporate tax, sales tax, property tax, bookkeeping, franchise tax, business, business consulting,professional women, women in business etc. There is more reason for women to cheer about this because Monica Barger is a living example of what women achievers can achieve. She set up this company twenty years back with no experience in taxation or indeed any business. She has reached where she is today by the dint of hard work and perseverance.

Indeed, this is a great service for people from all walks of life. This is the kind of information one would normally get from CEOs, Secretaries and treasurers. Needless to say, the charges over here are a lot more economical and the fact that you can get the most inane of inquiries answered easily makes this an extremely user friendly service.

Tax and tax related queries intimidate most people,while tax attorneys and consultants charge the earth for their advice. Here we have this online service which easily rids one of  tax related anxiety. It is not surprising therefore to find that most people have taken to this website quite nicely and the questions have already started pouring in.

One Stop Business Net is highly regarded within the business community and the evidence of this is the company’s proud membership of the National Bookkeeping Association. It’s not just individuals, but also corporates who trust.  One Stop Business Net is implicitly known for their top notch expertise. The company as a matter of fact regularly gets glowing testimonials from its customers.

Going forward the company plans to expand and reach its services to many more businesses, individuals and professionals. Says Monica, “It is my firm belief that everybody needs to get sound tax advice cheaply, but unfortunately that is not happening. That is the reason why we hope to fill the void by expanding our service to as many people and institutions as is possible.”

Anybody who is interested in getting in touch with the company can of course do so by visiting the website and booking an appointment. This is far easier and more convenient than locating a tax consultant, call them up, fix an appointment and then go visit. The per click tax would in fact provide a greater compliance because one would not hesitate to clarify even the slightest doubt. In that sense this service will enhance national revenue collection as well.

Certainly the One Stop Businesses Net is a seminal event in so far as making tax compliance easy and  efficient. One only has to check it out once to not want to consult any other tax professional and end up paying a flat fee for the most pedestrian inquiry.

It is the vision of Monica really that drives forward such sterling initiatives and going forward, she is surely going to introduce more out of the box solutions for individuals, corporate and institutions alike. In the years ahead, one can expect to hear a lot more from this trailblazing company.

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