Tile Roofing Solutions from George Parsons Roofing

[FRANKLIN SQUARE, 03/11/2014]—George Parsons Roofing, one of the leading roofing and siding companies in Nassau County, lives up to their heritage by offering reliable tile roofing solutions. This part of the company’s commitment to help residential and property owners achieve functional and visually pleasing roofs that increase their property’s value.

The Service

George Parsons Roofing understands the aesthetic and functional value of tiled roofs. Their great design and unparalled durability are what have made them popular in Nassau County. The company says that tiled roofs feature a range of profiles and flexible styles that easily complement unique architectural requirements.  

With that, the roofing company offers tile roofing services that make room for clients when it comes to personalization. George Parsons Roofing offers tiles that come in a wide range of colors, from light shades to darker and bolder colors. The tiles they offer also provide long-term durability, high endurance from the repercussions of humid and wet seasons, and Class A fire resistance. These pieces also require less maintenance, thus, giving the clients every assurance when it comes to repairs and matters relevant to upkeep.

Other Services

George Parsons has gained recognition for its one-day roofing installation service. This particular service focuses on architectural shingles to Grand Manor shingles. The service starts with a comprehensive checkup to see if there are signs of rots and workmanship that doesn’t go in line with the company’s standards. The company also specializes in slate roofing, which they say can last more than a century.

About George Parsons Roofing

George Parsons Roofing is one of the leading roofing companies in Nassau County. The company has been providing reliable roofing and repair services to many residential and commercial properties in the major areas of the New York State, which include Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

Other than roofing installation and repair services, George Parsons Roofing also specializes in copper work and siding installation. The company is proud of their 40-year old heritage. George Parsons Roofing presently has an A+ rating with the enterprise authority Business Bureau for the past 38 years. To learn more about the company and their other areas of specialization, visit