Chase Insulation Has the Resources Necessary to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Have you considered contacting Chase Insulation for a home energy audit? If not, here’s something to think about: summer is on its way, and without the help of an expert, how can you be sure that your home’s insulation and HVAC system can perform in the summer heat? Chase Insulation has the answers you need to sleep soundly – and comfortably – all summer long.

So what is a home energy audit, and how can you benefit from one? A professional home energy audit is an in-detail assessment that reviews your home’s energy usage. Energy audits are one of Chase Insulation’s specialties, and an audit can help you make sure your home will remain comfortable even in the hottest time of the year.

In a home energy audit, a professional auditor from Chase Insulation will first examine the outside of your house to determine wall area, number and size of windows, and other factors that affect energy usage. Next, a room-by-room review of your home will be completed. The Chase Insulation auditor will look for air leakage, insulation damage, faulty window seals, or other issues that may mean your home isn’t as energy efficient as it could be. The auditor will also perform a thorough examination of past utility bills, looking for any spikes or areas of improvement. Chase Insulation can even inspect your home’s HVAC system.

After the audit, the inspector will make recommendations specific to your home that will improve energy consumption and lower your utility bills. More often than not, Chase Insulation auditors notice areas where your home can improve in energy usage, such as more efficient insulation in your attic or improved insulation in your home’s walls. Chase Insulation inspectors have even discovered safety issues from time to time. As the homeowner, you can choose the improvements you want to make to your home, knowing that whatever improvements you make will save you money in utility costs over time.

At Chase Insulation, we’re experts in improving your home’s energy usage. Your home needs to perform its best for your family, especially in those hot summer months. A thorough and effective home energy audit by Chase Insulation will provide your home with the improvements it needs to be as energy efficient as possible all summer long, and beyond!