Scrilla King Featuring Platinum Plaque Artist MIKE JONES Song "My Time"


Hollywood, CA (March 26, 2014) - Scrilla King, the well known and astounding independent Midwest artist and Haitian native from Fort Wayne, Indiana is proud to feature plaque artist Mike Jones. Scrilla, who is residing in Hollywood California, has successfully defeated all the obstacles and finally come up with a huge name in the world of hip hop & Pop. Mike Jones is being highlighted on his debut Single My Time.

The amazing trailer of the mix is highlighted on the wide platform of YouTube. People Have already found this to be an extremely composition and showered their love. The trailer itself of “My Time” by Scrilla King, featuring Mike Jones has already been encouraged with over 2 million hits on this incredible platform.

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This release "My Time" is spreading in the online world like a viral attack starting its buzz in Europe with an incredible rating of positive feedback. Added to that, this release promo has already been flooded with thousands of amazing feedbacks by the online viewers. Scrilla KING, Afro American male artist has been building a famous name in the world of extra ordinary hip hop & Pop innovations. The 21 year old feels, “To write is one thing but to inspire anothers mind when you write is a totally unexplainable experience while making music.”

With the vision of uniting the world with the tune of his music, the talented artist has won numerous Radio competitions in his home town gaining a loyal from the Midwest as well as the West coast. With the philosophy of putting a smile on everyone’s face, he has always tried to greater and better compositions. He feels, music can really be a defining factor of a personality. He has mastered the art of playing saxophone, piano, drums and viola, with a tremendous sense of rhythm helping expand his versatility within music.

The recent release of the star artist has created a huge buzz among the music lovers. Roger Smith a huge fan of this incredible artist. He comments, I just love the work of Scrilla King. I loved the amazing new version of My Time new release is incredible indeed. The music sounds fresh and different than regular hip hop work. Being a regular hip hop listener, I have always tried to gather the newest versions of these hip-hop mix albums. I have recently found the work of Scrilla King in his new YouTube promo and totally loved it from the first go. We are planning to play this during one of our upcoming parties.”

Scrilla King has featured the trailer of his all new My Time. Mike Jones has been featured in this album. For more information please visit

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