PreVeteran - New website allows military service members to explore entrepreneurship before separation or retirement

(Jackson, Wyoming) - Jason C. Anderson, a United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and author of "Active-Duty Entrepreneur" wants to create more Veteran-owned small businesses by teaching PreVeterans (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and spouses) small business skills while they are still serving in the military. Anderson is pre-launching the website on August 4th 2014 in conjunction with #MilitaryMonday to start getting the word out.  

Anderson, who is an advocate for military members to begin conceptualizing, planning, and opening their small business before separating or retiring from the military stated, “While the book Active-Duty Entrepreneur set the stage, #PreVeteran provides members detailed educational modules for how to start and run a business, down to the mouse click .” He continued, “It is unfortunate that so much entrepreneurial potential energy is lost by military members and spouses who don't consider small business startup as a viable option because they think it is too hard, takes too much time, or just is not a good fit for them.”

“PreVeteran will provide a great service by allowing PreVeterans to "test drive a small business" within the safe military ecosystem and see if it is a good fit. If it is, they can continue developing their small business acumen with other modules and integrate into the new PreVeteran community. If not, they can seek employment after their service and press forward with no regrets,” said Anderson.

To learn more about PreVeteran, visit the website and sign up for the newsletter. You can also receive a free copy of Anderson’s ebook, “Active-Duty Entrepreneur” for sharing PreVeteran with your social networks.        

Jason C. Anderson is the PreVeteran founder and author of Active-Duty Entrepreneur.