Regional Marketing Firm Transforms Itself to Offer Proven Techniques to Global Audience

MEDFORD, OR—After 16 years as CEO of Make It Happen marketing llc in Southern Oregon, Karen Fronek is transforming her marketing consulting firm from a bricks and mortar regional business to a global online enterprise. During an October 15th press conference held in Medford, Oregon, Fronek will symbolically tear down the walls to officially launch her online business, unveil her new marketing ebook, and introduce the world to her Integrated Image Marketing (IIM) technique through a dynamic and interactive website (

Fronek developed IIM in response to the specific needs of owners and CEOs of startups and small-to medium-sized businesses who were looking for better ways to focus on marketing their brands. “I would be impressed with their phenomenal products or services and their passion for building their company, but over time I realized that my challenge was to help clients overcome the disconnect they had between product development, operations and marketing,” she explains.

Fronek’s technique incorporates every aspect of an organization into a single cohesive unit. With cohesiveness as the focus, Fronek has provided clients in a wide range of industries with seven distinct areas of marketing, including branding, advertising, core ideology, public relations, sales & business development, employee & customer loyalty, social media and internet marketing.

The results of Fronek’s work with clients include clear corporate visions, reenergized teams, higher morale, increased profits, and a solid marketing strategy that is flexible enough to change with the times. “I know how business leaders think and how to take them from where they are to where they need to be,” says Fronek. “I am using this knowledge to expand my influence and to help businesses worldwide.”

Fronek’s ebook Make It Happen’s 10 Steps to Marketing Magic is based on her decade and one-half on the front lines of marketing. With her marketing secrets written down, she is able share her IIM techniques using a simple step-by-step system that owners and CEOs can follow. Meanwhile, the dynamic and interactive website becomes a portal of marketing wisdom with resources that include how-to blogs and a Free Marketing Assessment Test, available to businesses on any level.

Members of the media are invited at attend the press conference at Million Air Medford, 240 Milligan Way in Medford, on October 15th at 2pm.

Make it Happen was founded in 1998 as an outsourced marketing firm, providing professional services to startups and small-to mid-sized businesses. The firm evolved beyond traditional marketing strategies with the onset of internet marketing, and with Karen Fronek’s development of her Integrated Image Marketing (IIM) technique. In 2014, Fronek transitioned her regional IIM business to become an online marketing partner with businesses around the world.