Chicago Insomnia Therapy Facility In Orland Park Helps Alleviate Insomnia Sufferers

Orland Park IL, 10-MAY-2014 - The Center for Sleep Medicine is pleased to announce that patients who are troubled by chronic insomnia can find help at the center. The benefits provided by the Chicago Insomnia Treatment center are available to those who suffer from the fatigue, poor health and other symptoms that occur when not enough restful sleep is gained. Occasional insomnia episodes are common to most people, and typically resolve themselves. Chronic insomnia requires more active intervention.

Speaking for the Center in an interview recently, a representative explained. "There are several symptoms associated with chronic insomnia. It might be hard to fall asleep. If the victim does get to sleep, he or she might wake up sporadically during the night. The individual might wake up far too early in the morning. Any sleep that occurs might be disturbed and not restful. Temporary insomnia can be caused by stress or from jet lag. For these individuals, no further action is necessary. Normal sleep patterns will resume, usually fairly quickly."

He continues, "Chronic insomnia is more serious. It can last for weeks or even months. Causes of chronic insomnia include health, personal, physiological, cognitive or behavioral problems. It can even be a combination of several of the factors. This type of insomnia occurs in approximately ten percent of adults. It is recommended that patients with the chronic form of the condition seek professional intervention."

When the patient is unable to sleep at night, it affects every aspect of life. Fatigue, depression and lack of ability to concentrate are common results. Overcoming stress is more difficult when fatigue is a factor. Patients are likely to have other health problems.

Learn more about overcoming insomnia by paying a visit to the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about this press release are encouraged to contact the Center for Sleep Medicine at any of the six centers in the Chicago area.

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