How is .net interesting to know about?

The most real question is What is .NET ?, and the easiest response is : it is a Structure in which Microsoft company windows programs may be designed and run. To be sure that this response does not tell much. In order to understand .NET we must go back in history and follow enhancing windows and the coming of Microsoft company windows growth.

Let’s see how a standard windows program works.

Windows provide the developers with various features – known as API. Starting

from initially windows get into the professional market to the newest form of WindowsXP, APIs are the standard device to let them know what you want it to do. If you want to build a Discussion Box you must contact a specific API offered to you by windows. Creating submit needs another API contact. And the list goes on. As new GUIs appear on the seen, new APIs are presented in windows. But using these local APIs was a very complicated process.Creating a simple Screen that printing “Hello World” could take more than hundred collections. Evaluate this to 5 collections of “Hello World” program in DOS. Due to this problems, windows growth was regarded something better left to professionals. The other professional company’s noticed this and started marketing Visible Resources that created the programmer’s life easy. Using Visual C++, Visible Primary, Borland’s C++ and other such IDEs, it became easier for making Microsoft company windows programs.

Various providers create their own “Wrapper classes” that covered the windows APIs in an Object-Oriented way. The (MFC) that are used in Visible C++, is an example of Wrapper classes. The MFC equal to Visible Primary is VBRun; and for Visible J++ it is WFC. These Wrapper Sessions, along with the Visible GUI tools created it very practical for making windows programs.

They pointed out that programs need a strong way approach each other. And this led to the release of Item Connecting and Embedding (OLE). OLE was a very useful idea, but it had two significant faults : It was infamously difficult to program, and it was restricted in its opportunity – i.e. it only did a few things like move and fall, clipboard discussing, OLE customer, OLE server etc. You can join our .net classes to make your profession in this field.

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