There are a lot of terms which are frequently used by the car insurance companies which the common man is not aware about. These terms contribute a lot in determining the premium of the car insurance policy that you buy. It is important that you know the basics of these terms and understand what their contribution is towards premium identification. It would help you in managing your car insurance.

A lot of people keep themselves stuck with one company for years and keep on paying the premiums they ask for. There are a lot of reasons for which you may need to change your car insurance company. So if you plan to do the same give an advance notice to your existing insurance company? If you don’t do so the company may put a negative mark on your credit history and cost you some additional money as well. This information is something which is not clearly mentioned in the insurance policy and you have no rights to blame the company for this. Just make sure that you give a cancellation request in advance.

Gap insurance is something which you might not be aware of. It is something that you need when you buy a car on loans or lease it. There is always a difference between the amounts that the car insurance company pays you as claim settlement and what you actual expenses have been. This difference amount can be paid with the help of gap insurance. Make sure you buy this type of insurance auto in case you have a leased car.

It is important that you take the comprehensive coverage as well when you buy a car insurance policy. Many people due to their unawareness avoid this and then lend themselves in trouble. This type of coverage would save you from the damages from fire, theft, climatic calamities, explosions etc.

Don’t forget to take the coverage of medical payments in your car insurance policy. It would give you the personal injury protections which are very common to happen during an accident. It only covers your medical bills but also makes a payment for your lost salary because of the accident.

Apart from this there are a few other terms like uninsured motorist, property damage, deductibles etc as well which are important and you should be aware about them.

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