Welcome the New Year by Going Green with Cash for Laptops

[Nevada, January 23, 2014] –An eco-friendly company that buys back broken, old, and used laptops, Cash for Laptops is offering a rewarding way to go green in 2014. Clients can recycle their old laptops conveniently and enjoy great rewards through the company’s premium offers.

Understanding the Market Shift

Recycling electronics since 2002, Cash for Laptops witnessed in 2013 the shift in the  consumer electronics industry from desktop PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones. A study released last December showed a 7% decline in sales of Apple Notebooks and desktops. Sales of Windows notebooks did not move while Windows-based desktop sales increased by 10%. In contrast, sales of Android tablets grew by 160% and sales of Windows tablets tripled. The iPad continues to hold approximately 59%of all tablet sales.
With these facts, Cash for Laptops anticipates that a huge percentage of electronic waste this year will include old, used, and broken laptops.

Encouraging e-Cycling

Although there will be  an increased number of clients who will soon be discarding their old devices, Cash for Laptops is worried that= many will just throw away their old laptops and mobile phones. Data from the Environmental Protection Agency stated that inthe United States, onlt 11% of the approximately 152,000,000 units of mobile devices disposed in 2010 were recycled.

Due to this discouraging trend, Cash for Laptops encourages clients to go green this year by offering a convenient way to recycle electronic wastes. Through the company’s website, clients can receive a quote for their devices in less than a minute. Aside from the free protective box given to clients to put their devices into, Cash for Laptops also offers FREE SHIPPING. With its convenient process, the company hopes to increase the number of people recycling their e-wastes.

About Cash for Laptops

Cash for Laptops is a leading-waste recycling company that offers a convenient, secure, and rewarding way to recycle laptops and mobile phones. The company disposes e-wastes securely and ethically and also protects its clientele’s online and offline data. With Cash for Laptops offering top dollar for devices and free shipping kits, clients will fully enjoy the financial rewards of going green.

Clients may visit for more information on Cash for Laptops and their services.