Microcon Management Backs a Winner - Italy Wins Under 20 Hockey World Championships.

Microcon Management Group has today reported an incredibly high trading performance for the International Ice Hockey Federation's Under-20 world championships.The trading results have yielded significant net trading gains in the seasonally strong environment for European Ice Hockey. While these results have been expected by the team’s analysts for some time, it is wonderful to see the client testimonies and success stories that come following positive results on game day.

For some of our clients it's been a special time, welcoming the Stanley Cup to Scotland for the first time, and celebrating 100 years of ice hockey in the UK. A truly wonderful achievement and a bet well placed towards.

"This was definitely one of our strongest trades of this quarter.  The net gain percent yield for most of our clients was in excess of 300% on this particular bet, with Italy at odds of 3-1 to win the championship.It was apparent from the start that Italy had some in form players, however it was not until the middle of the tournament that we knew our bets would pay off.”

Microcon Management Group has averaged returns of 120% to 140% per trade through the month of October all the way through to December, which was a return well above all the current market trends. Microcon Management Group  have consistently outperformed market trends and industry competitors throughout the year, and looks set to sail through the remainder of the year with higher than average returns which will see the best overall performance since it was first offered to the public in 2009; a great win for Microcon clients and staff!

"While our third quarter results have improved on prior quarter trends and reflected strides in our emerging businesses, we will always remain focused on ensuring Microcon Management Group continues to reflect its historic record of profitability," said a spokesperson for the company.  

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