Naxos of America Featured New Music Releases - June 10, 2014


Connection: 3 Song Cycles; Jake Heggie; Regina Zona, Kathleen Tagg; NAXOS 8559764; 1 CD: 

  • Famed for his operatic music, Jake Heggie has always been a devoted and prolific songwriter. Three early song cycles for soprano and piano are featured in this release, each cycle exploring the many varied facets of the three women depicted, including Ophelia and Eve. Each was written for a specific singer and they all reflect Heggie’s personal and exciting lexicon of musical influences, ranging from folk and jazz, to art song and musical theater. For more information about Heggie, visit

Scatter My Ashes; William Susman; Octet Ensemble, Ferber, Gurfield, Hughes, Kwon, Oppenheim, Spaneas, Susman, Zuber; Belarca BARC4; 1 CD: 

  • The OCTET Ensemble's inaugural album features the music of its founder William Susman nd includes two song cycles, Scatter My Ashes and Moving in to an Empty Space (performed by soprano Mellissa Hughes), as well as Susman’s Piano Concerto and the ensemble work Camille. Orchestra.
  • OCTET gathers together a stellar cast of artists who have worked with eighth blackbird, SIGNAL, Alarm Will Sound, Victoire, and the Metropolitan Opera
  • “…vivid, turbulent and rich-textured (music)…” –The New York Times
  • “Susman's music is irresistible.” – John Kilgore
  • Visit for more information about this release and Belarca.

Symphonies 1 and 8; Per Nørgård; Vienna Philharmonic, Sakari Oramo; Dacapo 6220574; 1 Hybrid SACD: 

  • With this world premiere recording, the Vienna Philharmonic offers new perspectives on the most visionary voice of Nordic music and one of the greatest symphonists of our time, Danish composer Per Nørgård (b. 1932). Conducted on this occasion by Finnish Sakari Oramo, these performances of Nørgård’s Symphonies 1 and 8—two milestones composed with almost six decades between them—are the legendary orchestra’s first recording of new Nordic music.
  • For an excellent Guardian article about Nørgård’s admiration for Sibelius and South Park click here:

Unbridled, Chamber Works; Sergio Cervetti; New England String Quartet, Chorberg, Rojahn, Wood, Eguchi, Deak, List, Ghent, Gibson, Hayes, Goode, Scholtens, Pav, Cervetti; Navona NV5958; 1 Enhanced CD: 

  • The works on Unbridled, Sergio Cervetti's fourth solo Navona CD, represent his continuing aesthetic of combining traditional and postmodern techniques and instrumentation. This title track is his response to the financial crisis.
  • Five Salvador Dali paintings inspired Mémoires du Paradis.
  • Cervetti was Master Teacher of Music at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, from 1972-97 and 2007-08. He has composed for a wide range of ensembles and instrumentations. Samples of his work are available at

Turangalila-Symphonie; Olivier Messiaen; Angela Hewitt, Valerie Hartmann-Claverie, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Hannu Lintu; ONDINE ODE 1251-5; 1 Hybrid SACD:

  • Ondine’s new recording of Olivier Messiaen’s magnum opus, Turangalîla-Symphonie features the Finnish Radio Symphony led by Hannu Lintu, along with renowned soloists Angela Hewitt on piano as well as Valérie Hartmann-Claverie, who plays the rare electro-acoustic ondes Martenot. Within the microcosm of this vast work, Messiaen provides continuity and cohesion with recurrent musical images and reference points, redolent of the leit motifs, idées fixes or cyclic themes of the great Romantic composers.
  • Hannu Lintu has been Chief Conductor of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra since August 2013. An extended biography is available at

Dear Darwin; Scott Brickman; Nancy Ellen Ogle, Ginger Yang Hwalek; Ravello RR7888; 1 CD: 

  • Dear Darwin, Scott Brickman's second Ravello release, explores several themes relating to Charles Darwin’s studies and interests. The song-cycle is set to 26 poems by Kathleen Ellis and arranged as an abecedarium. The remaining works, conceived for electro-acoustic instrumentation, are examples of evolutionary composition.
  • Brickman’s compositions have been performed throughout the U.S. and in 11 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America.
  • For more information about Scott Brickman, click here:




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