SYOPTEK’s Custom Fiber Optic Tool Kit Making Branding and Self-Promotion Super-Easy for Technicians

China - SYOPTEK, a global leader in fiber optic tools manufacturing, supplying and retailing, recently stressed more on customization than ever before. The manufacturers claimed that a fiber optic tool kit can be used for self-branding and promotion by any field technician who wants to grow his business through referral networking and wants to get word-of-mouth publicity.

“With the dynamics of the fiber optic communications industry changing rapidly, it has become important for the field technicians to brand themselves more than ever before. Now-a-days, bagging an ad-hoc fiber optic splicing job or fixing some connector does not put the buyer-service provider relation to an end. Intelligent and professional technicians know that they can use a one-time contract to enter a long-term and symbiotic relationship with the same client. A custom fiber optic cleaning kit can be a powerful self-branding tool”, told a sales manager speaking on behalf of SYOPTEK.

SYOPTEK now manufactures all-inclusive fiber optic tool kits that come with all the essentials such as plier, splicer, stripper, scissors, tweezers, tube cutters, wrench, blow brush, screwdriver and the likes. The manufacturers have brought to the market a disparate range of fiber optic splicing tool kits, fiber optic cleaning and inspection kits, basic fiber cleaning kits, fast connector termination kits, single mode and multimode fiber optic test kits and the likes. They maintained that they will bring more diversity in their product range in the near future.

“The custom fiber termination kit and other kits that we produce can help in passive branding. For example, if a telecommunications company has hundred or more workers operating on the field, they can equip their field operators with the custom-designed tool kits with their brand logo and name imprinted on all the kits. We accept both small and large numbers and even if some field operator wants his name and emergency contact number imprinted on the tool kits, it can be done at no extra cost. Besides, rapid fiber optic replacement tools are also available with these tool kits”, told the CEO and managing director of SYOPTEK during a recently held press meet.

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