Australian Burlesque Star Lola The Vamp Issues Political Challenge

Queensland, Australia, December 30, 2013 -- Following Nick Xenophon's likening of Clive Palmer to her early mentor Dita Von Teese, burlesque star Lola The Vamp challenges both senators to prove their worth on the striptease stage.

Australian Senator Xenophon launched an extraordinary attack on Clive Palmer yesterday, likening his political tactics to the prolonged sexual tease of a classic burlesque show. In a mangled analogy, Xenophon managed to insult the well-regarded dancer Von Teese with this quip, 'He's been teasing us for the last three months. He is to politics as Dita Von Teese is to burlesque.' 

Given that Dita stands in high stead within the burlesque community, we could presume he means to say that Clive is to Australian Politics what Dita is to theatre, or entertainment. However, given the secretive and nonsensical nature of Aussie politics today, we cannot be certain. 

Lola, who recently earned her doctorate in theatre, with a specialisation in burlesque performance, proposes both the politicians join her show Vamp & Burn to strut their stuff. 'Australian politics is very close to an outright parody - or burlesque - of itself anyway. Lets see what these boys can bring to the theatre stage.'

Vamp & Burn is a show in the classic New Orleans tradition, where accomplished dancers improvise to original live blues. Following sold-out seasons in Melbourne and Brisbane, the show is developing a comedy version to play at the Spiegeltent during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April. 


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