Tampa, Florida - Genesis Medical Center, one of Tampa’s top pain management clinics announces success rates over 90%. Their chiropractic treatments, pain management and physical therapy have proven to be very effective for patients suffering from chronic pain, illness or injury caused by an auto accident.

Genesis Medical Centers has two highly trained, board-certified pain management doctors. They both offer their expertise in pain management services, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, urgent car and auto injury treatment. The pain management doctors in Tampa FL treat a wide variety of conditions. These conditions range from abdominal pain to back and neck pain. They also treat joint and facial pain.

The pain clinic’s successful treatments include acupuncture, spinal decompression therapy, and physical therapy. Their procedures also consist of joint injections, spinal cord stimulation and stem cell injections.

One of the most useful procedures performed at this pain management clinic is the lumbar discogram. This procedure is performed on patients suffering from back pain. It is a diagnostic treatment used to help determine the cause of spine pain. This helps doctors determine what treatment is necessary for pain relief.

Another successful treatment at this Tampa pain management clinic is acupuncture. Acupuncture is the stimulation of parts of the body along the skin involving pressure or needle penetration. Acupuncture is said to be successful in relieving pain throughout the body.

At the Genesis Medical Center, the doctors specialize in treating each patient differently. Depending on your pain and the cause of your pain, doctors create customized treatment plans. Since every patient is different, so is each treatment plan. The doctors know what will work best for patients and their bodies.

Doctors at the Tampa clinic are looking out for their patients’ best interests and providing pain relief is their number one priority. If you are in need of pain management in the Tampa area, the Genesis Medical Centers are open to providing you with the best treatments for relief.

About Genesis Medical Centers

Genesis Medical Centers have two locations in the Tampa, FL area. They are both among the top pain management clinics and provide pain relief treatments including medication management, chiropractic care, and physical therapy. For more information on their treatments, visit their website or call (813) 666-4399.

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