A Day Care Program, re-launching in a decreasing market provides a solution for working mothers in the Bronx

Bronx, New York in June 2014 –Despite many closing of day care programs and the reconstruction of the pre-K programs in the New York area, the re-launching of Precious Hands Group/Family Day Care will be conducting an event for all single mothers. They have changed their curriculum giving the program a expanding Math and Writing and including a language course in Spanish. They enhanced their technology to include phonics, and Spanish for beginners for children.

Ms. Valerie Johnson owner of Precious Hands Group/Family Day Care had opened her doors in 2007 she has had a tremendous amount of children in her organization and cares for all children needing a nurturing environment for all kids.

Single mothers who have placed their child into a pre-K program have to find someone to pick that child up due to the programs not being full-time. They rely on a day care program that is reliable, safe, and has a great environment for the child.

Ms. Johnson worked as an assistant with the New York City Housing Authority in the past. While working there she researched on how to become a Group/Family Day Care provider.

All of Ms. Johnson training was provided by the Health Department with the city of New York. She then went took continuing classes to be certified in CPR. Ms. Johnson goes to continuing educational classes given by the Health Department to keep all her documents up to quality assurance regulations.

Precious Hands Group/Family Day Care is located on Tremont Avenue, in the Parkchester section of the Bronx. The difference with this day care is the cost are lower than the average day care. The cost is low and the quality of care is the best. This decision was done to help the working mother. The re-launching will take place at 2160 East Tremont Avenue, 5th floor. “###”