Portable Speakers for Bikers from Outdoor Technology

Outdoor Technology, a leading provider of audio goods designed for the outdoors, improves their roster of products by introducing Buckshot. The speaker comes with handlebar mount, which makes it suitable for bikers. 

[LOS ANGELES, March 18, 2014]—Outdoor Technology, one of the leading providers of audio and wireless goods in Los Angeles, makes listening to music a whole lot easier while ridinga bike by offering smartly designed portable speakers. This is part of their commitment to make products that are specifically engineered for those who love music and the outdoors.

The Buckshot-Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

Outdoor Technologyintroduces the Buckshot, one of their smartly engineered portable speakers. The speaker is basically multifunctional, rugged, and water-resistant. The company labels these speakers as the “sneakiest” on their range of products.

These portable speakers feature the same angular, triangle-themed design that is a hallmark of many other products under the brand. The Buckshot has rubberized exteriors, which leaves no worry for someone who might accidentally drop it from time to time.

The speakers wirelessly connect to devices like phone, tablets, and laptops. It streams clear audio that can range up to more than 30 feet for more than 15 hours. The Buckshot also features a built-in mic that makes hands-free calls possible.

Outdoor Tech has designed the speaker with bikers in mind. The Buckshot comes with a rubber handlebar mount, which allows users to mount it to their bikes, trikes, golf carts, baby strollers, or any device with a similar ergonomic design. The speaker is dust-proof. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and it includes USB charging cable, and a soft carry bag.

About Outdoor Technology

Outdoor Technology is the go-to name when it comes to gadgets and apparel that easily fit the lifestyle of people who love the outdoors. One of the company’s main goalsis to address one of the most difficult lifestyle dilemmas: combine modernity and the person’s drive to conquer the outdoors. The company offers wireless and Bluetooth headphones, boom boxes, caps, waterproof phone cases, and replacement parts. One component for the company’s success is their desire to stay connected without being fastened in one place. Outdoor Technology has mastered the art of blending the principles of style and engineering to make their products as flawless as possible.

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