A new online elections company has been launched

With elections becoming a hotly contested affair coupled with the fact that there is a need to reach continuously growing membership bases, a new company Jolly Online Elections has been founded to help trade unions and professional organizations conduct online elections. The new company is operating under the website and provides online voting solutions.


The company was started by IT consultants, people with vast knowledge of the elections process, and online voting solutions. The company founders believe that their newly designed online voting solutions give Jolly Online Elections an added advantage, which they hope to pass on to clients in order to have a credible and trustworthy process.


With this platform, the organizations are provided with a secure and cost effective way of conducting online elections. Compared to other players in the industry, Jolly Online Elections offers its client a unique hosting platform, and simple ballots. Not to mention, Jolly Online Elections will fully manage your election from distribution to calculation. In recognition that elections and survey help shape an organization future, the company has provided frameworks to ensure that the process is not compromised at any stage. In terms of the cost, Jolly Online Elections provide an affordable online elections platform where the client receives superb value without compromising on the quality and credibility of the election.


Jolly Online elections operates in a similar architecture platform as the other major applications like Xbox and Xerox, this is an indication that the company will deliver the same quality as the other players in the industry but offer a product which all the organizations wishing to conduct can rely on.


The company operates under strict privacy policies, which are discussed with clients before launching an election. The company also guarantees the clients that any information which is provided is handled in a confidential manner and is not shared or accessed by any unauthorized individuals.


The platform is easy to use; the ballots provided are simple and can be understood even by those who may not have advanced computer skills. The platform also enables proxy voting.


While announcing the launch of the new company, Jolly Online Elections and Survey founder described the platform as a full service online election and survey administrator.


While explaining how the process works, the company founder said that an organization which wants to conduct online elections sends a list of participants through a secure manner, and participates in a quick chat over the phone. Here they pick a start date and the rest is left to the company. The organizations may also provide an optional survey questionnaire which Jolly Online Elections will analyze for free.


Services of Jolly Online Elections include: an online ballot and survey, generate passwords and user IDs, distributing the ballots and survey to the list of participants which are provided by the client, weighted proxy voting, email support, overnight maintenance support, daily or weekly updates through the email, sealed final results sent through a secure main and finally an analysis of the survey answers on leadership.


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