MediaMark Spotlight EVP/COO and Marketing Expert Charles Carfagno to Present at Saint Joseph’s University September 5th

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 – Glen Mills, Pennsylvania – As Saint Joseph’s University’s Dr. John Lord was contemplating a marketing professional who would be a good choice to share marketing ideas and business experience with his marketing class, he didn’t have to think for too long.

“Charles Carfagno was one of my favorite students during his undergraduate days, and we have stayed in touch. He has learned his lessons well and has proven to be a very creative and expert marketing professional who also has maintained strong connections with his Alma Mater. Asking ‘Chisel’ to come back and speak to my students was an easy call, and I know they will have a great experience,” said Lord.

 “I am thrilled to be coming back to Hawk Hill – where my destiny with marketing all began,” said  Charles L. Carfagno, Jr. (a 1985 graduate of Saint Joseph’s University), who will be addressing two marketing classes for Dr. Lord on Friday, September 5th. Charles explained his presentation will blend contemporary marketing concepts, the importance of communication skills and relationship building, as well as the inclusion of some life lessons; perhaps even an inspirational thought or two.

“Dr. John Lord truly is one of life’s good guys, who always treated us (his students) with great respect.  John genuinely listened and allowed us to freely share our ideas and to even disagree with him. He not only taught, but he also inspired me; so, when he asked if I’d speak to his students, I was honored and accepted without hesitation.  What a privilege it will be to address John’s classes and have the undivided attention of interested students and quality young people in the very place I earned my bachelor’s degree in marketing – my Alma Mater.  I have so many special memories of my SJU days.    

Business and marketing have evolved significantly since Carfagno’s graduation from SJU in 1985. “The New Economy went on steroids after 9-11 and continues being driven by the Digital Revolution. While product, place, promotion and price still ring true; today’s marketing is much more complex with the internet – particularly considering digital marketing and promotions.”

As someone who loves his work, Carfagno is also proud to represent MediaMark Spotlight where he is Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer.  MediaMark Spotlight has a unique business model at the heart of which is an innovative offering called the Creative Pod™. “I am passionate about my work and having the privilege of representing a tremendous company that provides unrivaled value to the marketplace. We are growing rapidly and continue building-upon a terrific business culture. Our CEO, Gina Ferraro, is a true marketing visionary who has created a new paradigm in how marketing services are delivered.  I wake-up each day enthused and grateful to be an integral part of a thriving business despite the economic downturn.  Our company prides itself on empowering our clients and driving their growth and evolution as successful businesses.

Asked to describe his vision for September 5th, Carfagno noted, “My key objective is for the experience to be fun, informative and motivational. I want to stimulate their minds and inspire through my passion for life and how I make my living – to be a worthy ambassador for such a critical business discipline. My ultimate goal is to leave them a little more aware and excited about a potential career in marketing.”

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