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Silica (white carbon black), according to the production process, is often called fumed silica and precipitated silica. More than 90% of silica products in China are precipitated silica.

While abroad, fumed silica manufacturers occupy the vast majority; silica products are of high quality and reasonable structure and with more environmentally friendly production process. Major manufacturers include Rhodia, Evonik Industries, PPG Industries, Cabot, Wacker Chemie AG and Tokuyama Corporation. So far, these multinational companies have all set up factories in China, with capacity being at the forefront of the industry, of which, Cabot Bluestar Chemical (Jiangxi) Company Limited as the largest producer of fumed silica in China has production capacity of 15,000 tons.

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As of 2012, China has been the world’s largest producer of silica, with capacities of precipitated silica and fumed silica up to approximately 1.5 million tons and 55,000 tons, respectively, of which, Wuxi Quechen Silicon Chemical Co., Ltd. relying on 180,000-ton precipitated silica ranks first. Influenced by the downstream rubber industry downturn and the decline in exports, Chinese silica manufacturers have suspended production to relieve inventory pressure, resulting in a slight decrease in domestic production, down to about 1.35 million tons.

From the downstream demand, 71% of Chinese precipitated silica products are consumed in the field of rubber e.g. shoemaking, tire and silicone rubber. Shoemaking as a traditional application area for precipitated silica will keep stable demand. With the formal implementation of EU Tyre Labeling Act on November 1, 2012, precipitated silica especially highly dispersed precipitated silica of China (EU’s major tire exporter) will be benefited following the growth of the green tire industry.

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Global and China Silica Industry Report, 2013 by ResearchInChina mainly covers the followings:

  • Supply and demand situation of the global silica industry;
  • Product structure, precipitated and fumed silica capacity, production, import and export of China silica industry;
  • Consumption structure and downstream applications of China silica industry, involving market situation as well as silica usages in footwear, tire, silicone rubber, pesticide & feed, coating and toothpaste.
  • Operation, silica business and development-in-China of the world’s six leading producers;
  • Operation, silica business, key projects, etc. of 11 precipitated silica producers and six fumed silica producers in China.

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Table Of Contents

1. Overview of Silica Industry
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.2 Applications
1.3 Industry Policy

2. Development of Global Silica Industry
2.1 Supply
2.2 Demand

3. Development of China Silica Industry
3.1 Product Structure
3.2 Capacity
3.2.1 Regional Distribution
3.2.2 Corporate Capacity
3.3 Output
3.4 Import and Export

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