New startup introduces the world’s first postbox sensor to work from any distance

Olsi startup is revolutionizing post with Postybell, a post box sensor that can detect post mail from any distance, long or short. The new cellular based sensor device sends you a real-time cellular alert when you receive post mail, no matter how far you are from your post box. postybell works with all phones, including house, cell, and Smartphones. It simply rings the number you configure it to. To make things even more convenient, Olsi has developed an app that “catches & records” and manages these alerts. The app currently supports Android devices, but developing a version for iOS is next on their agenda.

“By providing you with total control over your post box, Postybell takes snail mail into the online era, allowing you to review all logs and perform actions from any device”, Olsi’s CEO, Oren Lasman commented.

Eliminating the distance barrier, Postybell informs you when you receive letters or packages to your post box, wherever you are. Combining a proximity sensor and a GSM module, Postybell senses any movement in the post box, immediately notifying you. While past attempts have been made to create such a device, they all relied on Wifi or Bluetooth technologies, alerting you ONLY if you were a short distance from your post box.

Recently, Olsi launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $30,000, through the popular crowd funding platform. Funds raised will be used for the proposed iOS version, creating a product mold, as well as for production of Postybell’s first edition. Future upgrades to Postybell include a built-in camera that sends real-time pictures of new post mail and plans to expand Postybell’s capability range, by adding heat, humidity, and gas sensors.

To learn more about Postybell, please contact Oren Lasman, CEO, Olsi:

Office: 972-9-8820511

ganot hadar, israel

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