Our February #LocalRewards Businesses Offer Valentine's Gift Ideas!

A curated set of Valentine's Day gift ideas - all found in Brattleboro and all part of our #LocalRewards program!

Vintage-style Mickey and Minnie Mouse plush dolls
Mickey and Minnie have been together since... always. What better symbol of your enduring love?

From Baker's Hallmark

Massage for Two

Pamper yourself and your loved one with one-hour or 90-minute massages side-by-side. You can include steamed Thai herbal compresses for tired, sore muscles, or Hot Stones for complete peace and relaxation. Roses adorn every room and every couple will leave with two. Chocolates and sparkly beverages will also be available for your enjoyment.

From Jasmine Day Spa

The History of Love

This novel by Nicole Krauss spans of period of more than 60 years and takes readers from Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe to present day Brighton Beach.

From Everyone's Books

A Night on the Town

What could be better than dinner, drinks, and great conversation on a chilly February night?
The Whetstone is here to help!

From Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery