Electro-hip hop artist Carmen Skyy releases "Get Up and Go" video

June 3, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA – Carmen Skyy has released the official music video for her single "Get Up and Go" which debuted on her latest self- titled EP. It is a fun-filled, high energy dance video that delivers a powerful message and showcases Carmen's versatility. In several scenes Carmen portrays an enthusiastic cheerleader that roots-on a host of characters as they embrace the "get up and go" attitude. The highly anticipated video is available to be viewed on her official website and Vevo.

About Carmen Skyy
A smorgasbord of cultural diversity, Carmen Skyy's Venezuelan-Haitian-American mix is the most important element in the music she creates. Her passion for life and wide-ranging musical influences such as Calvin Harris, Lauryn Hill, and Michael Jackson shine through in her lyrical expression. Carmen Skyy is a beacon of melodic hope who sends rhythmic shockwaves through all who experience her sound. Her contagious fusion of electronic hip-hop and pop are currently being played on various radio stations throughout the country. In addition, Carmen's music has also been placed on soundtracks and other media including the film "Brother's Gonna Work It Out", MTV's "The Real World" and a "Starburst Fruit Chews" radio commercial.

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