Chicago - Bloom, Gross & Associates has been helping the talented candidates in finding the career-defining PR job opportunities in leading PR agencies, or prestigious in-house positions in the huge realm of communications industry and commerce. The veteran recruiters at Bloom, Gross & Associates are all exceedingly qualified and educated professionals who belong to the industries they specialize in. The dedicated and enthusiastic team of the ex-industry recruitment experts and consultants has keen insight and knowledge and also deep networks. This means that their services are indispensable for the clients too, and as a client one can rely upon them completely to secure and save them from the hard work to find the proper talent for any business. Not only PR recruiting, the company has also an expertise in finding the best talents for the realm of marketing and also the competitive sphere of brand management.

If one goes by the present scenario, there is no dearth of candidates flashing their precious resumes and top-notch companies looking for those talents to take their objectives to great heights. If the sphere of PR is taken into account, the personnel turnover at PR agencies is just about 20% on an average, which denotes that one in five employees will quit their job every year. If a candidate could choose which PR jobs to lose, then it would not be so appalling after all, but nobody can do that, which means a disturbance for the clients and extra pressure on the entire team. There is a war for talent going on, and that war is fierce; so the candidates cannot afford to lose anything. Bloom, Gross & Associates believes in making a perfect linking between the two, that is, the clients and the somewhat hesitant but exceptionally intelligent candidates. Being a leading marketing search firm, the company strives to assist the candidates in a perfect job search in the arena of marketing too. Bloom, Gross & Associates also recruits the suitable candidates in finding the positions relating to brand management, since it is also a prominent one among the brand management search firms.

Candidates who are seeking jobs in the domain of PR, marketing and brand management, can upload or post their resumes at the website to make a perfect job search. They can search for the suitable job openings and the clients might engage the company in conducting a search of talents for them. The interested clients and job-seekers might also visit the official website at the address of

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