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Bamboo Wedding Arches are designed for a romantic and lively wedding. Sunset Bamboo offers the best Bamboo Wedding Arches on sale that makes your wedding a day to remember. No matter where your wedding may take place, they make it beautiful and extraordinary. Sunset Bamboo is known to come up with indoor and outdoor d├ęcor for your home and for any occasion. Whatever the mood be, romantic or festive, elegant or flamboyant, Sunset Bamboo has just what you need. They are the leading manufacturers of all bamboo goods like poles, fencing, slats, panels, tiki huts and more. They are stunning and come in a variety of designs and styles that will make your home magnificent.

Bamboo Wedding Arches look elegant, yet stylish at the same time. Get the Aisle Style tropical them for your wedding out in your backyard or the beach. The graceful lines and the chic effect it oozes make for the setting of many forms of entertainment and events. Sunset Bamboo delights in all its endeavors and hence, wedding arches and bamboo arbors are a work-of-art. The contraption is made of Tonkin and Moso bamboo plants, the most gorgeous and sturdy of all bamboo. Set the atmosphere with happiness and a promise of a great future with Bamboo Wedding Arches from Sunset Bamboo.

The wedding arches give a rustic and a modern touch to your wedding. The arches can be decorated with anything you want. You can hang your favorite flowers or mix them up with flowers of many colors to get a colorful background. If the wedding is in the evening, you can string up some twinkling lights and Chinese lanterns from the poles. You can also use cloths to drape them in and then decorate it the way you want. You can do something unique with seashells. A wedding is auspicious and intimate; make it as memorable and remarkable as you can.

Bamboo wedding arches are constructed with bamboo poles that are rubbed with river salt to impart sheen to the structure. The poles are cleaned and rubbed, fire straightened and treated to make it bug free. The arches are provided dry and fumigated. You can use them anywhere you want, it will always make for a gorgeous wedding set.

The wedding arches from Sunset Bamboo come in kits of four base Moso poles that are 8 feet long and 1/2 inch in diameter plus four cross hatch Tonkin poles that are 7 feet in length and 1 and a 5/8 of an inch in diameter. The base poles have pre-cut holes in them through which the crosshatch poles slide and stay locked in position. The assembly takes no time at all and is very easy. The wedding arch has an 8 feet tall, 7 feet long and 7 feet wide arbor.

Sunset Bamboo gives you the Bamboo Wedding Arches that look spectacular and so romantic with the beach or beautiful trees in the background. Make your special day even more exceptional by decorating it in any way you want. Have a sunset wedding to commemorate the day and begin your new journey with your loved one. For more info about cheap bamboo wedding arches, please visit now!