Global Smart Clothing Market: Opportunities for Sensors and Smart Materials to 2021

Clothing that could be plausibly called “smart” has been available for years. But it is only recently that this product category has shifted out of the niche status and many expect it will become a significant revenue generator for firms at all levels of the clothing supply chain; from materials suppliers to retailers.

One key reason for this is that powerful new sensor and smart materials technology is becoming commercially available that provides for a seamless integration between aesthetically pleasing clothing materials and electronic devices. A new technological discipline – fibertronics – has emerged that is intended to make this integration even tighter. Meanwhile, new smart materials are emerging that make it possible for clothing to sense heat, touch, biological phenomena, etc.

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This report focuses on the opportunities in the smart clothing space that are available to suppliers of sensors and smart materials; the two critical enabling technologies for smart clothing. The report begins by examining the relevant developments in these product categories as they pertain to smart clothing including the latest research trends. It then continues by examining where the money will be made for suppliers of materials, sensors and other components in a number of smart clothing markets and industry sectors.

This report includes eight-year forecasts of relevant component and material shipments both in volume and value terms, with breakouts by type of materials/components and application sector. We also examine the product/market and technology strategies of firms that we believe will shape the smart clothing materials and components space as it evolves.