DINO - First Brazilian Newswire service has already published 40,000 press releases

The news distribution platform distributes corporate news with a guaranteed publication in up to 140 news outlets, sending it to thousands of journalists and it is optimized for search engines. 

How to publicize a brand in such a competitive market where journalists receive tons of press releases on a daily basis and delete about 90% of them? How can companies from around the world get visibility in Brazil, the seventh largest economy worldwide? Questions like these have given rise to Dino - the first Brazilian newswire service.
DINO is a platform where customers can easily create and send press releases with a guaranteed publication. They are published on a network of partner sites, which include the two largest Brazilian News Agencies (Agencia Estado and Agencia Globo), one of the biggest news portals in Brazil, R7, with over 50 million unique users, and one hundred other relevant communication media websites, such as MundoDoMarketing and the Comunique-se Portal . A complete list of partners can be found at
With the motto "PR for everyone", the service started up aiming to optimize the work of media professionals and companies from all over the world in Brazil, making PR accessible to different sized companies and segments where press releases are guaranteed to be publicized from US$ 27 upwards.
The company is supported by Wayra, the startup accelerator from Grupo Telefonica and by Startup Brasil, a Federal Government program aiming to contribute to business technology startups.

With more than 40,000 press releases already published, 140 partner news media, 25,000 journalists, DINO has consolidated its position as the largest Brazilian corporate disclosure service. "Business disclosure needs to be frequent", said Rodrigo Azevedo, CEO and co-founder of DINO. "It's better to always publicize a little, rather than a lot once in a while", he concludes.
That is why DINO offers a subscription model where customers pay a fixed monthly fee that includes a certain number of news releases. These are Bronze, Silver and Gold plans, which carry over to the next month if you don't use up your monthly quota.

The customer can also set up a tailored plan, depending on their schedules and levels of demand. In addition, for those customers who don't want to sign up, they can purchase a single release to be distributed on its own. The platform is 100% online, from signing up to the service, publication and, finally, accessing your client manager reports, where you can  evaluate the top sites where your news was broadcast, the number of times your press release was shown, the interactions it had with social networks and the results on the web.

The service already has hundreds of subscribers and is growing at a rate of 45% (CMGR – Compound Monthly Growth Rate).

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