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This publication contains the latest data on and analysis of the entire Hungarian construction market and the residential, non-residential and civil engineering segments.  It evaluates recent levels of investment and expansion and presents carefully calculated forecasts for future activity and segmental development.

The report also focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the competitive field by providing facts, figures and strategic insights concerning leading contracting companies and extensive data describing upcoming projects in each segment of the industry.

Locate new business opportunities in this market:

  • The latest data on wages, prices and employment
  • Complete coverage of companies participating in Hungarian construction – including financial updates
  • Valuation of the market overall, as well as for each key segment: residential, non-residential and civil engineering
  • Analysis of trends, events, internal and external factors and macroeconomic conditions and the implications of all on market development
  • Coverage of the competitive atmosphere: companies, projects, regulatory activity and news about other corporate developments.

Benefit from new research tools that provide immediate result:

  • A complete database of the projects planned for all segments of the construction sector in Hungary – names, locations, descriptions, investors and much more
  • A comprehensive directory of the foremost contractors currently participating in Hungary – names, contact info, financials and more
  • Complete competition analysis – a single chapter completely dedicated to M&A news, earnings, strategic plans and the response to trends demonstrated by the top contractors and building materials providers in Hungary
  • Compatible layout – easy to compare format that blends seamlessly with PMR market reports dedicated to other regional construction markets to enable comparative analysis.

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Discover new projects in Hungary’s construction sector: Report focuses on projects, competition and forecasts for development 2014-2019

Forward-looking professionals with ties to the Hungarian construction industry are always looking for convenient ways to track activity in the marketplace. Whether they are interested in new infrastructure plans and projects, commercial ventures in the retail, office space, warehouse and industrial sectors or upcoming residential construction projects, they can now locate all the vital statistics and professional analysis they need – in a single comprehensive publication.

Construction sector in Hungary 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2019 is a complete reference resource that defines and analyses conditions in Hungary’s overall construction market and in the three key segments – residential, non-residential and civil engineering construction. This exceptional information source offers the freshest statistical data, analysis of industry trends and most reliable forecasts for development - compiled in a format designed to interface with other PMR offerings for convenient comparative analysis.

The report updates readers on market and segment value, current wage, price and employment conditions and the total number of businesses active on the market. It examines the macroeconomic situation in Hungary, assesses the regulatory framework and analyses the trends considered likely to be most influential on market development in the years ahead.

A substantial part of the document evaluates the competitive landscape of Hungarian construction, profiling contractors and materials and equipment manufacturers. A directory of the top 100 contractors supplies contact information, recent projects and financial details on each market-leading company, and an Excel database describes 100 of the most newsworthy projects scheduled to be undertaken or just underway. Experienced construction sector analysts offer their observations on the market’s competitive dynamic, including news on significant events and merger or acquisition activity.

Readers are briefed on the possibilities for growth in Hungarian construction and each of its key segments, the plans of various developers operating in the commercial segment, transport infrastructure financing options, infrastructure upgrades in the planning stages and recent adjustments to industry pricing as well as expectations for the period to 2019.

Many companies have found this report to be especially useful when they are engaged in the launch of a new business on the Hungarian construction market, searching for appropriate projects for participation, anticipating streams of revenue, assessing the strength of the competition and locating profitable investments.  They use it when searching for merger/acquisition candidates and preparing in house reports and analyses of the construction market in Hungary.

Construction sector in Hungary, Development forecasts for 2014-2019 is well matched to the requirements of a variety of businesses that includes: contractors, project designers and managers, industry consultants, investment and financial services professionals and academic, research and government-based agencies.  Construction industry professionals considering or poised to enter one or more segments of the market will find this report to be a comprehensive yet concise guide to decision making and strategy planning.

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