Dissolved Oxygen Meter Market 2016 Overview

Publisher's research analyst predicts the global dissolved oxygen meter market to grow at a CAGR of over 6% during the forecast period. The major factor contributing to this growth is the rising importance of environmental monitoring over the recent years. With the primary end-user industries such as environmental sciences and aquaculture expected to grow steadily over the next five years, the demand for dissolved oxygen meters is expected to rise over the forecast period. 

Recently, researchers have been experimenting with animal-borne dissolved oxygen meters, which includes deploying animals such as elephant seals with dissolved oxygen sensors that allow real-time remote tracking of dissolved oxygen concentration of these water bodies with high accuracy. Although, these experiments have not been implemented on a large scale, the results generated from the trials conducted until 2014 have been promising. Therefore, the implementation of animal-borne dissolved oxygen meters is likely to gain traction in the future and simultaneously boost the market growth.

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Segmentation by technology of the dissolved oxygen meter market
- Optical sensor
- Electrochemical sensors

The majority of the dissolved oxygen meters sold in 2015 used optical sensors with over 61% of the revenue being contributed by dissolved oxygen meters employing optical sensors. The growth of this segment is supported by the fact that dissolved oxygen meters that employ optical sensors are capable of producing more accurate results compared to generic dissolved oxygen meters using electrochemical sensors.

End-user segmentation and analysis of the dissolved oxygen meter market 
- Environmental sciences
- Aquaculture
- Others

The largest contributor to the revenue of the global dissolved oxygen meter market in 2015 was environmental sciences, accounting for over 33% of the overall market revenue. This is mainly due to the growing emphasis on environmental protection and the initiatives taken by several international bodies such as the OP Environmental Monitoring Committee toward monitoring of water quality.

Geographical segmentation and analysis of the dissolved oxygen meter market 

- Americas 

The dissolved oxygen meter in the Americas was the largest contributor to the revenue of the overall market in 2015, accounting for over 36% of the overall market. However, the APAC region is expected to grow the fastest among the three segments in the next five years due to the high prevalence of water treatment plants and pharmaceutical industries in this region. 


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Competitive landscape and key vendors
The global dissolved oxygen meter market marks the presence of several vendors with strong global presence. However, domestic players hold a considerable share in their respective regions, making it difficult for the foreign players to penetrate the market. And in countries where there are no dominant domestic players, the market is controlled by North American manufacturers. 

The leading vendors in the market are - 
- Extech Instruments
- Oakton
- Thermo Fisher
- Brands

The other prominent vendors in the market include Atlas Scientific, Hach Instruments, Hannah Instruments, HORIBA, Mettler Toledo, Milwaukee Instruments, and Techne. 


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