Atlantic Natural Foods Acquires Iconic Loma Linda® Brand

SAN DIEGO and NASHVILLE, N.C .— As a part of the agreement, Atlantic Natural Foods will also license the Worthington Foods® brand of shelf stable meat alternatives until it transitions to Loma Linda®. Since 2008, Atlantic Natural Foods had been the exclusive producer of these shelf stable canned products by way of its Nashville, North Carolina, facility.

The acquisition provides Atlantic Natural Foods direct access to markets of healthy protein alternatives with its meatless and fishless analog production, creating affordable products in an evolving and increasingly in-demand market.

“This is a critical and celebrated strategic acquisition,” said J. Douglas Hines, chairman and general partner of AFT Holdings, Inc. “We look forward to pursuing opportunities that further enhance the Loma Linda® legacy and tradition of quality.”

“Additionally,” Hines said, “AFT Holdings continues to invest in products that promote healthy and affordable options for consumers throughout North America and around the World.”


About Atlantic Natural Foods

Atlantic Natural Foods markets private brand vegetarian products. Based in Nashville, NC, the company operates its own product development kitchen, manufacturing, and distribution facilities. Manufacturing facilities are Level 3 SQF Certified, Kosher and Halal Certified and HACCP Certified. More at

About AFT Holdings, Inc.

AFT Holdings, Inc. is an international investment and management group whose diverse portfolio includes, sustainable foods solutions, global fishing fleets, commercial and residential real estate, restaurants and technology. More at