The outlook for telehealth: opportunities for CSPs

"CSPs have many of the technology assets required to bring telehealth services to market."

Healthcare services in many countries have reached crisis point – demand is growing because populations are ageing and chronic diseases are prevalent. Telehealth (connected healthcare services that are enabled by telecoms) could play an important role in relieving this situation. This report assesses the telehealth market and the nature of the opportunity for communications service providers (CSPs).

This Strategy Report Provides:

  • an overview of the telehealth market, including key barriers and drivers
  • 5-year forecasts for revenue, subscribers and connections in three application groups (assisted living, remote patient monitoring and telemedicine)
  • recommendations for CSPs
  • case studies of four leading CSPs and their telehealth strategies.


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Company Coverage

This report includes case studies of the telehealth strategies of the following four CSPs.

  • AT&T
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Telefónica
  • Vodafone




About this report
Executive summary: CSPs entering the telehealth market must be prepared to make significant investment and take a long-term view
The telehealth market has persistent barriers to entry, which will only be resolved in the long term
The healthcare sector is being forced to change, which will bring new opportunities underpinned by telehealth applications
Opportunity: Rising healthcare costs and changing demographics accentuate the need for sustainable telehealth models
Barriers: CSPs will need to take a long-term approach to breaking down the barriers to telehealth adoption
Four telehealth application groups could contribute to sustainable healthcare, but wellness is a less tangible proposition for CSPs
Telehealth applications could address some of the pain points in the healthcare sector, but will face significant challenges


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