Mannequin man sent to revolutionise customer service standards

Europe, January 2014

  • Contact Centre buy mannequin to improve customer service standards.
  • The mannequin will sit with customer service staff while they make and receive calls.
  • European company want to raise the bar for customer service.

Manufacturer of quality bespoke point of sale display products Displaysense sold a male mannequin to a European catering company, to be part of their Customer Service team, aiming to raise the bar of customer service and revolutionise industry standards.

The mannequin is to act as a visual reminder that the voice at the end of the phone is a person. The seated male mannequin, named ‘Quin’ will sit at the very heart of their customer service team, sporting a large sign that reads ‘Who is Quin?’

Their customer service manager Cheryl Maine stressed that a positive customer experience is vital in their industry; they want to make sure that everyone who contacts them has the best possible experience and feels cared about. Cheryl believes that for this to happen her staff should know who the customer is, before finding out what they need.

Before deciding on their strategy, the customer service team carried out a consumer survey, to get to the bottom of what customers find most frustrating when dealing with contact centres. One respondent reported being talked to in an abrupt, unfriendly manner, being left on hold for minutes at a time and being put through to a number of departments with no satisfactory outcome or resolution.

Customer service supervisor at Displaysense, Nancy Groarke praised the company’s strategy saying ‘their conviction to invest in, and train their staff to really care about the customer, sounds like a winning approach to offering the customer a truly satisfying experience.

Cheryl can’t wait to see what a difference having a live-in customer makes to the calls her team take, she told us ‘We really care about our customers experience. We’re striving for excellence in our field and we want our callers to know they matter, we believe this starts with a happy positive experience over the phone”.

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