The Healing Arts Institute of Fort Collins Stresses Newest Massage Therapy Technique: Body Insight Therapy

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) January 16, 2014

The Healing Arts Institute of Fort Collins offers classes in traditional massage therapy such as reflexology, but also offers students training in the exciting new holistic massage techniques known as the Body Insight Method™. The Body Insight Method™ is a combination of physical massage and stress reduction techniques that promote mental and emotional well being. Practitioners of this technique realize that many physical problems stem from mental and emotional problems and bad habits, and have tools to identify and deal with those issues.

The Body Insight Method™ was developed by Healing Art Institute founder, Gary Salinger. Gary practiced traditional massage for many years but was frustrated with poor results. His clients were not interacting and participating in their own healing. Gary developed techniques where his clients could actually participate in their own massage interactively through movement and discussion.

Mr. Salinger developed what he learned by working with his clients using the Body Insight Method™, which is now taught at the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins, CO. The school believes that this method sets it apart from other massage schools, and gives their students the advantage when competing for jobs and clients. The Healing Arts Institute stresses to its students that massage is not just something you do for a client, it is what you do with a client. In other words, The Healing Arts Institute trains their students to help their clients to get involved with their own recovery.

The massage therapy business is rapidly growing and the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) estimates it to be an $8 to $12 billion a year industry. It is also estimated that roughly 35 million Americans have a massage at least once a year. Obviously, there is room for many new massage therapists as more Americans realize the health benefits from massage therapy.

About Healing Arts Institute: 
The Healing Arts Institute offers both day and evening classes, which makes it easy for people who are working to fit classes into their busy schedule. The school is fully accredited by the ABHES, and offers financial aid to those who qualify. Operating since 1991, The Healing Arts Institute has producedthousands of happy graduates that have gone on to successful careers in massage therapy in Northern Colorado and elsewhere. Their mission is to inspire effective, successful, and caring professionals who have developed the confidence to learn and grow from the diverse, experiential education they offer.

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