Residential Spring Water Delivery In Texas

Texas, 2014/Press Release: Residents of the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex can now get healthy spring water delivered right at their door step through Samantha Springs. The idea is to provide the basic essential of life in its purest form. Convenience for customers and efficiency are the hallmarks of Samantha Springs home delivery service.

Some of the key benefits of using spring water for residential and household needs are:

  • Spring water delivered by Samantha Springs is free from sodium. This makes it a very healthy option for daily consumption.

  • Samantha Springs offers spring water delivery of five-gallon or three-gallon bottles and handy 24-bottle 20 oz., 16.9 oz. or 10 oz. cases for the customers. The fact that the purity of natural spring water is delivered right at the doorstep makes it one of the most convenient forms of service.

  • Using home delivery service for spring water is also highly effective when it comes to cost. Buying bottled spring water from any store could be a costly affair. But with Samantha Spring’s home delivery service, the cost comes out to be highly economical. Moreover, there is no hassle of carrying the bottles home as they will be delivered right at your doorstep.

  • Samantha Springs also offers additional benefit for its first time customers. Advance credit of $30 for one month is given.

Spring water has many health benefits associated with it. Samantha Springs offers all of these and many more, with convenient and timely home delivery. Spring water is a natural form of water and hence a great way to health and happiness.

To know more about the services offered, visit 820 North Main Street, Keller, TX 76248 or call at (817) 379-9949. For latest information and updates, an option for online email subscription is also available at