Bangor is delighted to have SteamLite electronic cigarette online store for the smokers

Bangor, UK (March 1, 2014): The beautiful city of Bangor is extremely delighted to have SteamLite electronic cigarette brand for everyone. SteamLite is an intelligent electronic cigarette brand, which has been made keeping the bad effects of regular smoking in mind. However, the company has always been careful about facilitating the customers with the same satisfaction of regular smoking.

An E cigarette Bangor by SteamLite enables the smokers to enjoy their smokes anywhere anytime. They just don’t need to drop their cigarette in between.  This is considered to be the safest and healthiest way of smoking, ever introduced to mankind.  Reports confirm that one e-cigarette is equal to 10 to 12 real cigarette. Besides that, it comes with a convenient battery that lasts for quite a long.  Users can enjoy a great smoke by ordering an electronic cigarette in Bangor pack.

SteamLite is a highly customer focused company that guides the customers to choose their e cigarette kit, based on individual preference and affordability.  They offer a large range of diverse e-cigs kits with a fantastic starter pack for just £6.99. E liquid Bangor has been another attraction in the new range of the company. The company has mastered the art of presenting really refreshing flavors of electronic liquids for £3.99 only. Fashionable smokers can even try the option of highly functional quality cartomizers and refills of SteamLite. The company introduces different pack of best quality cartomizers in a pack of 5, 10, 25 and 50 cartomizer refills, starting from mere £7.99.

E cigarette premium kit is introduced at Bangor at £19.99. This is a whole new addition to the SteamLite kits. This incredible premium kit is offered in two amazing flavors of tobacco and menthol. The company has presented the kit with two color options as well, like white with brown tip and black with black tip. This premium kit with be offered with 2 Steamlite batteries, one USB charging cable, one USB wall plug, and 5 high capacity cartomizers.

Customers are seen to be highly attracted towards this new premium kit. Norah Williams, a recent customer of the company says, “I am thoroughly in love with the premium kit. They look classy and convenient. I am delighted to finally find this mesmerizing pack. I am in fact planning to place another order for the same in the coming weeks. This pack has really helped me giving up real smoking and shifting to a healthier option.”

About SteamLite:
SteamLite offers the best quality electronic cigarettes in the UK market. This is a e-commerce store that serves various cities of the country.

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