Leaders in Creating Organic, Handcrafted Essential Oils, ADORAtherapy’s Mission is to Embrace Feminine Divine Principles

ADORAtherapy®, formerly aromatherapy industry leader Opus Gaia™, is launching a new brand identity and website in July and its mission is to embrace and support Feminine Divine Principles. With a clear mission to build a sustainable, eco-friendly beauty and wellness brand that provides products to balance and heal women in a hyper-masculine world by honoring the feminine as sacred. 

“Essential Oils have recently been rediscovered and new research provides a better understanding of their powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, hormonal, oxygenating and uplifting effects”, says Adora Winquist, Founder and Chief Formulator of ADORAtherapy®. “To apply essential oils, I suggest placing a drop on the palm of the hand or wrist and rubbing them together briskly to release the aroma. You can also inhale them directly from the roller ball tip, or spray around the head and face. The oils can also be applied on the pulse points, as you would a perfume, or over the heart, lower back, shoulders and neck, stomach and even on the feet. The limbic system of the brain, where we store memory and emotion, is directly connected to the olfactory bulb, which is why aromatherapy provides us with a deeper connection to ourselves. When you breathe in deeply the potent properties of the oils or blends and create an intention in your mind the Essential Oils become precious molecules of healing that can instantly change your mood.” 

"We're not just a company creating organic handcrafted aromatherapy products," says Adora, a graduate of the acclaimed Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a specialized four-year college where she studied vibrational healing with a focus on hands-on healing, the human energy field, and psychodynamics. "We are a benevolent force of social change. We see the divine feminine rising in the world and our goal is to help women reach new levels of personal growth, leadership, economic freedom and recognition of our unique beauty and creative life force. We believe we can help women reclaim the feminine by bringing them closer to their true intuitive natural state. When breath and a positive self-affirmation are combined, powerful shifts are possible that affect a woman’s mood. Women's souls and spirits are shaped to be nurturing vessels and to exist in relationship not to self objectify. When a woman “adores herself" she can transform her day, her life and her world.” 

While the new website offers the entire range of ADORAtherapy® products, three products uniquely embody feminine divine principles. 

“Think of it as Feng Shui in a bottle for your mood” says Winquist. “Our Good Mood Boost™​, travel and office Sprays come in a 120 ml size for the home and 10 ml size to toss in a car, purse, briefcase, suitcase or gym bag. This product transforms the workspace and home and introduces positivity to co-workers, friends and family. In our offices, our team sprays this when they sit at their desk, before meetings, while on conference calls to affirm their desire to be in the best possible mood. Formulated with organic essential oils and diamond gem elixir for clarity & purification, with top notes of Lemon, Grapefruit, Sage, Peppermint & Lavender this product cleanses, refreshes and revitalizes. I created it after working in a call center where the vibrational energy was often tense and negative”. 

“With Stress Free Boost™​, I was inspired by the tranquil waters of a Bermudian paradise” says Winquist. “This aromatic fusion is crafted with organic French, Bulgarian and Kashmiri Lavender, Bergamot, and Geranium essential oils. It is available in 60ml oil and 120 ml spray size and includes a Bath & Body Oil and a versatile spray. With this product the tranquility & rejuvenation of your favorite Spa Experience is available to you anywhere you go. I often travel with this and spray my hotel room to instantly feel calmer. It is also wonderful to spray directly on the bed and sheets before bed with an affirmation to have a great night’s sleep.” 

Women often need to bring their attention back to their feminine core. Turning off the busy day, the mind and the body to become more centered and sensual is a complaint we often hear”, says Adora. “I crafted Passion Boost™​, a premium aromatic fusion made from rare and exotic plant oils including sandalwood, neroli and jasmine. It is sensual and exotic. It is available in 60ml Oil and 120 ml spray size and includes both the Bath & Body Oil and a versatile spray. I personally use this as a body spray, but also recommend it for the bedroom to set the intention for pleasure and release.” 

About ADORAtherapy® 
Since 1998, ADORAtherapy® has supported the quest for stress reduction, personal growth, and health and wellness with a vast selection of aromatherapy products expertly formulated with rare and premium aromatics. Designed to Boost Your Mood. Anytime. Anywhere, Good Mood Boost™ sprays, Gal on the Go™ natural fragrances and Chakra Boost™ roll-ons are the next evolution of aromatherapy personal care products. Our collection offers the versatility and portability of expertly formulated 100% pure aromas that lift and shift your mood in the moment, and support the creation of new habit patterns designed to empower healthy lifestyle choices. Visit to learn more or contact our Marketing Manager for more information. Contact: Keiran McCann | Phone: 917.971.1664 | Email: