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China has one of the richest, deepest and most influential cultures in the world's history going back thousands of years. Its highly advanced culture has produced many advances in science, medicine, politics, philosophy, religion, architecture and other, and China continues to be one of the most influential nation in the world.

A new website offers books, films and other scholarly tools available for those who are interested in learning more about the rich and deep history of China and its people. The site,, provides the kind of tools and information on China History and historical sights China scholars, teachers and history buffs will find extremely useful for projects, teaching lessons and satisfying a general desire to learn more about one of the greatest cultures in world history.

Those who simply have a desire to learn more about historic China can visit and discover a wealth of information on specific Chinese ruling dynasties, view historical sights China scholars will find most endearing and obtain other highly interesting and useful information. The site features several well-known Chinese ruling dynasties, including the Han, Tang and Ming dynasties. Information from Chinese prehistory through the nation's growth into the dominant nation in mainland East Asia through its more recent transformation into the current Republic of China are detailed.

The easy-to-read and very scholarly information will captivate anyone with a genuine interest in learning more about Ancient China, such as which dynasties built the Great Wall and other historic sights China visitors love to visit to this day. Those who are interested can find out which dynasties expanded territories, which scientific advancements occurred under which dynasties and generally get a much better understanding of Chinese history as well as the current nation that continues growing in global influence.

Also available is the Chinese History Digest Store, which is an online resource for purchasing books, films, maps and more that offer highly detailed, informative and exciting information on the history of China and its growing influence in Asian society as well as global politics. From fiction novels to scholarly studies of various aspects of Chinese history, culture and historic sights will keep aficionados and history buffs entertained and enthralled.

The online store has hundreds of titles available and can help people to study historical viewpoints often times not presented in more western-centric history books and films. Having a truly accurate understanding of global events requires learning about a diverse variety of world cultures and histories, and Chinese history is one of the historical kingpins whose history must be studied.