New Pig Offers Leak Diverter Combination Kits for Roofs & Pipes

New Pig’s line of Leak Diverters now includes a combination kit for roofs and pipes. No matter what type of leak it is, these convenient bag kits are packed with the products you need to quickly respond and get the situation under control – minimizing the potential for damage to products and processes, and avoiding slippery floors.

Ideal for fast response to avoid downtime after a roof leak or for long-term prevention in leak-prone areas, the PIG® Leak Diverter Combination Kit for Roofs & Pipes includes the following items in an adjustable carrying bag:

  •  A pipe leak diverter for isolated drips
  • A roof leak diverter for broader coverage
  •  2 drainage hoses
  • Hanging straps
  • Absorbent mats and wipes
  • Pipe wrap and multi-purpose repair putty

Strong and durable, PIG Leak Diverters are constructed of a vinyl coated, impermeable tarp material that resists punctures, UV and mildew.  The Diverters are easy to hang and can channel leaks to a floor drain or collection container.  To learn more about this product or any of New Pig’s Leak Diverter line.  Or to inquire about custom solutions, please call 1-800-HOT-HOGS or visit