Taurea “Vision” Avant Releases “A Vision To Freedom”


Atlanta, GA (March 30, 2014) - Most sought after Inspirational Speaker and Author Taurea “Vision” Avant released “A Vision To Freedom.” This is a book that all Entrepreneurs and Visionaries have been looking for. When reading “A Vision To Freedom” many will ask themselves; What does FREEDOM mean to me? Do I know how to get? Have I made a decision that I am tired of not being able to do what I truly want to do?

The principles discussed in the book are what took Taurea from Foreclosure to Freedom in a very short period of time. Other topics touched upon in “A Vision To Freedom” include... Why Mentorship is Important, How to Develop Multiple Streams of Income, How to Be in Control of Your Emotions, and How you Can Help other People. This is a book that every Business Owner, Entrepreneurs, or Visionary should own. Once you’ve read this book in its entirety you’ll ask yourself “Am I a Visionary or am I reaching?” Translation: Are you on a road to Freedom or have you become complacent with your current state of just being?

About Taurea “Vision” Avant
Taurea Vision Avant started off in life with the vision of the American Dream Going to college, getting good grades, graduating and then going off to work in Corporate America. Unfortunately, when she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Hampton University, she went from temp job to temp job to temp job. It didn’t look like her dream of landing a career job in her degree was going to happen. Finally she landed a small salaried job as a database administrator which is a fancy name for data entry. Even with the salaried job she still lived check to check barely making it. Can you relate?

In 2009 the turning point in Taurea’s life happened when she launched her business. Today Taurea has been able to generate multiple streams of income but her true passion is being able to empower women and men all over the world. Her true mission in life is to impact the lives of 10,000,000 men and women around the world.

She believes that in life “People don’t remember you for the clothes you wore, the cars you drove, or the jewelry you owned. They only remember you for the impact that you had on other people’s lives.” That is her true mission in life!

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