Travel and Tourism in Switzerland to 2018

Inflow of tourists from BRIC regions drives the Swiss travel market

Mumbai, India – June, 2014 - Switzerland has always been a dream destination for global tourists - a region that boasts of a thriving travel market with a substantial chunk of its revenue generated through tourism, as indicated by research reports on the Switzerland tourism industry. Being one of the key tourism markets Switzerland has received several accolades and rewards including the prestigious HSMAI European Travel Marketer of the Year Award, in February 2014. Being a vast industry that comprises different categories including transportation, lodging and food services, globetrotting and entertainment, travel agents, retail and others, the segment contributes significantly to the overall economic development of the country.


This report: Travel and Tourism in Switzerland to 2018 discusses the key market drivers, trends, marketing measures to boost tourism in this region and challenges which threaten the market. The report analyzes data from the various sectors comprising the market and highlights key insights which have propelled the industry forward.


Key Market drivers

Industry experts have predicted that between 2014 and 2018, the market would be driven by an influx of tourists from the BRIC region. Moreover, being enriched with spectacular natural beauty, sustained infrastructure, well-maintained natural resources and a high degrees of security, the segment is further propelled by effectual marketing strategies and skilled personnel, ensuring a persistent flow of tourists.


Key market trends

The region’s excellent facilities have been attracting the maximum amount of tourists from India amongst the other BRIC areas. Given that the tourism board of Switzerland drives extensive consumer programmes and training workshops for several travel agents in various Indian cities, the Indian tourist base has been one of their major patrons. Zurich is emerging as the new business tourism hub, as stated by studies on the Switzerland tourism industry. This has been further by the Congress Centre and ‘Circle’ project at Zurich airport which are believed to be functional by 2017, attracting more business tourists to the area. The Swiss tourism board has also incorporated novel marketing strategies to tap into the luxury traveler base. Novel marketing initiatives, focusing on Switzerland being a perfect locale for adventures, seniors or gourmet holidays, besides being a hotspot for honeymooners have also been successful in attracting tourists.


Market challenges

Despite being a lucrative market, strong competition from tourism boards of other regions especially the ones driven through social media has been one of the key concerns. These online campaign make several tourism options available to the consumers and often the exclusive offers and promotions offered online, drive these consumers to choose other regions as the travel destinations.


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