Australian-Standard Fire Protection Service from SPS Engineers

SPS Engineers Pty. Ltd., a premier Australian fire protection company,offers comprehensive fire protection services compliant with Australian standards. Clients will now have peace of mind knowing they are protected from accidents.

[Melbourne, January 17, 2014] – SPS Engineers Pty. Ltd., a trusted provider of effective fire protection services in Australia, strengthens its line of services by providing Australian Standard-compliant fire protection services to its clients. This eliminates the problem of many firms in fulfilling all the requirements to ensure fire safety in the building.

Efficient handling of responsibility

SPS Engineers understands the challenge of coping with fire service needs, which is why they assign duly recognised Fire Engineers to take charge in handling the accounts of clients. The company believes that by giving the duty to someone with knowledge about the standards and requirements for fire safety, it will result in a more efficient handling of responsibilities.

Standard compliance

Fire service in Australia does not end in acquiring fire extinguishers and sprinklers, as Australian Standard AS1851 prescribes the routine inspection of all fire components and equipment. SPS Engineers greatly values the adherence to this standard, which is why they provide different intervals to inspect, test, and maintain all equipment.

Clients have the choice from weekly, monthly, quarterly, twice-yearly, and annual routine inspections. The company also offers higher routines at a three-yearly, five-yearly, or 24-yearly intervals.

SPS Engineers assures clients of proper handling of all accounts, from the simplest task to the most complicated standard, to ensure fire safety. The company also promises the efficient management of all service-related needs as long as the contract is active.
The service of the company reduces overhead and middlemen, which simplifies the process and focuses the whole process on standard compliance.

About SPS Engineers Pty.Ltd.

SPS Engineers Pty. Ltd. is one of Australia’s trusted fire service providers with a deep focus on the needs of clients. The company delivers high-quality customer service and standard-compliant methods to ensure fire compliance. The company provides fire safety training and safety equipment such as fire doors and alarm systems.

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