Hello Fearless Launches to Help Women Build Incredible Lives (Not Just Amazing Businesses)

In Partnership with Kauffman FastTrac, Hello Fearless is the School for Female Entrepreneurs

Kansas City, MO – At the core of every business is an entrepreneur, and that entrepreneur is fearless. Yet, oftentimes, it’s this very fear that holds women back. Until now, that is. Launching today, Hello Fearless – the school for female entrepreneurs – builds confidence in women through education, resources and community.

In partnership with The Kauffman Foundation, Hello Fearless is offering the highly successful Kauffman FastTrac curriculum online for the first time. Hello Fearless’ program, Boss School, leads women through a 10-week, virtual crash course in entrepreneurship. More than the basics of growing a business, Boss School also helps women align their personal and professional goals.

“We are excited for Hello Fearless as they prepare to launch the FastTrac courses online. The data is clear – female entrepreneurs have a great opportunity to start businesses within their communities. Being able to access the courses in an online format will allow women to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams,” said Michele Markey, vice president of Kauffman FastTrac.

Hello Fearless believes that entrepreneurship done right is about creating an incredible life.

“Women have the opportunity and ability to build both a business and a life they love,” explained Sara Davidson, Hello Fearless founder and CEO. “From successful Etsy shops to local service providers, women are channeling their creativity to generate income. Hello Fearless is here to help them reach the next level.”

Hello Fearless will also give women access to exclusive interviews with highly successful female founders, connect students with mentors, and offer a positive community of supportive women entrepreneurs. Upon completing the initial course, women will be well-positioned to build a life they truly love.

In addition to the Kauffman partnership, Hello Fearless is also partnering with Plum Alley, Women's Business Center, Young Entrepreneurs CouncilPolsinelli and Chic CEO to provide world-class expertise to women entrepreneurs.

“The shift from running a one-woman shop to a growing business, even with just a couple of employees, is tough,” explained Jennifer Ong, Hello Fearless co-founder. “We’re here to help women entrepreneurs manage their relationships and health, overcome mindset limits and fears, and make sure their business aligns with their personal life.”

Details about Boss School will be available on Hello Fearless’ website on Aug. 12, 2014. Course enrollment will open Sept. 15, 2014, with the first class kicking off Sept. 28, 2014. Sign up today to receive course notifications.



About Hello Fearless:

Hello Fearless is the school for female entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and align personal and professional goals. It provides women with a flexible learning platform, as well as mentors, resources and a support community. Hello Fearless gives women what they need to launch, grow and scale their companies while unleashing their full potential – personally and professionally. For more information, please visit: