Strider and epicFlowers Announce Partnership to Transform Floral Ecommerce and Marketing

Mutual services and marketing agreement brings florists a powerhouse team of marketing and conversion optimization specialists.

Wilmington, DE and Ashland, OR – November 10, 2014 – Strider LLC and epicFlowers today announced an exclusive partnership that teams two market leaders in floral ecommerce and online marketing to transform the floral ecommerce landscape through the combination of two highly skilled and dedicated teams of experts.

The agreement is the first of its kind among independent floral online service providers, and seeks to provide a premium end-to-end online solution for retail florists. In a market recently flooded with discount website providers epicFlowers and Strider have consistently sought to provide market-leading services and results for their clients in order to deliver the best return on investment for flower shops aiming to achieve a professional and consumer-friendly online retail presence.

Under the new partnership agreement each company will resell the other’s services, often in value-packed service bundles that combine the offerings of both companies. Strider will provide Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Training & Marketing (through their recently acquired social media division). epicFlowers will offer their unique ecommerce and conversion optimization tools, personalized support and training, as well as integration with a variety of Point of Sale systems.

“I’ve known Brandon for years,” said Ryan Freeman, President of Strider LLC. “He has a consistent and relentless passion for conversion optimization and that has driven the success and growth of epicFlowers. We look forward to making that level of service available to our clients. This is the right time for this partnership to happen – too many florists are making the right choice to move away from mass-produced template sites, only to wind up with cheap independent sites that aren’t much better. We need to offer a convincingly better solution.”

Brandon Kirkland, President of epicFlowers, and who created his first website in 1994 agrees: “Florists deserve a better eCommerce experience. By combining the strengths of Strider and epicFlowers, we’re going to create a powerhouse service for retail florists. I strongly believe that it is possible to have an affordable website with marketing solutions that are still highly effective and increasing sales through online channels.”

The partnership was announced to a webinar audience of nearly 200 retail florists, and is currently in effect now with each company offering a full menu of the other’s services, plus value services bundles. Immediate feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from members of the floral community.

Strider LLC, operating as Strider Search Marketing, has been providing online marketing services since 1994, including SEO, Paid Search Marketing, web development, and ecommerce. Strider operates the Florist 2.0 and FlowerChat brands to serve the retail florist market. is a leading provider of customizable ecommerce solutions for florists, with an intense focus on online customer experience, conversion optimization, and customer retention tools. epicFlowers specializes in integrating powerful software features combined with tested web designs that increase conversion rates, average orders, and customer satisfaction.

Press Contacts:

Ryan Freeman
Strider LLC

Brandon Kirkland
Realtime Flowers Inc.